Garden Update

I have been gardening now for about 2 months and have come across areas that need improvement. With my Greenstalk garden tower I have noticed a few things. The first is that I didn’t add enough soil to each layer and over time the soil compacts and goes even lower. In my next refresh I will disassemble the tower and make sure to add soil to the top of each layer allowing it to compact less through each season. I also think I have been planting my plants to far down into each pocket causing them to not get the optimal amount of sun. With more soil in each layer, I will plant my seedlings higher so they can reach the sun better. Lastly, in the winter season I planted a lot of lettuce, Romain and Bibb specifically. They did great in the garden tower, however, as each lettuce head grew they got constrained in the pockets of the tower. This made it hard to trim off outer leaves to keep the lettuce producing. In the end I needed to cut the whole head in order to harvest any lettuce. Next time I want to plant lettuce I will do so in my garden bed so that I can easily reach the base of the lettuce and remove outer leaves only. This will allow the lettuce to keep produce a little longer.