Ants In Your Plants?

Ants are one of the most common pests that can be found in a garden bed. While they are not necessarily harmful to plants, they can be a nuisance to gardeners. This has been my concern as of recently. Since setting up my raised garden bed I started noticing more and more ants. At first …

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Garden Update

I have been gardening now for about 2 months and have come across areas that need improvement. With my Greenstalk garden tower I have noticed a few things. The first is that I didn’t add enough soil to each layer and over time the soil compacts and goes even lower. In my next refresh I …

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Starting My First Garden

Starting a backyard garden can be an exciting and nerve-wracking experience, especially if you’ve had failures with patio gardens in the past. However, with the right tools, knowledge, and dedication, anyone can grow a successful garden. I am excited but also a bit nervous to start my first backyard garden because I have had more …

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